You See, Officer…

Bathroom Window

Years ago I took my year-old daughter to the swimming pool. Her siblings had not yet been born, and I had time for such adventures. It was so long ago that my car was not air-conditioned, and I left the house wearing only a bathing suit and towel.

We had a great time splashing in the kiddie pool and visiting with other young mothers. After a while I gathered the toy ships and plastic fish, and we headed home. Once home, I reached into my purse for the key to the house, but it was not there. I peered through the locked window next to the locked door, and spied my key on the kitchen table.

I knew the bathroom window at the back of the house was unlocked. I stood in my daughter’s little red wagon and lowered her through the window into the house. Still standing in the wagon, I clumsily managed to get one of my legs over the window sill and was about to pull my upper body and other leg through the window when I saw the police car turn down the alley.

I never again left my house wearing only a swim suit. There was no laughter in my house that afternoon.


Who’s Afraid of a Big, Bad Spider?

SpiderIt was the last night of our family vacation. In our crowded cabin located close to the middle of nowhere, Grandpa in his “Grandpa” pajamas and I in my ten-year-old, many-times washed, faded, (but very, very comfortable) pajamas had just taken off our glasses and settled down for a short night’s sleep. When above the bed, Grandpa did spot….

“Is that a spider on the ceiling?” he asked as I turned off the bedside lamp. I quickly switched the lamp back on, and we stared up at the ceiling. Unable to determine if it was a speck of dust, a water stain from a leaky roof, or a vicious spider waiting to drop and feast on our faces for a midnight snack, we simultaneously (and blindly) arose to stand on the bed, the better to identify the object in question.

There is a reason adults tell children “no more jumpin’ on the bed.” If none of you readers have tried standing on a rickety, bouncy bed with another adult recently, DON’T TRY IT NOW. I’m grateful there were no broken bones, the shades were closed, and the grandchildren were asleep.

The big, bad spider? Turns out it was a harmless tiny grasshopper, and I’m sure I heard it laughing.

Thank you, Lord, for all your creatures…even spiders.

A Different Kind of Nail Polish

Sandal with relish 1Aren’t sandals great? I especially like the ones with straps that Velcro for they are easily adjusted and never too tight. My ten toes enjoy the freedom. While I am not a vain person, especially about my feet, I do enjoy glancing down occasionally at my toes after my yearly pedicure.

I discovered there is a disadvantage to wearing sandals when I recently attended a function with a buffet line and inadvertently dropped a blob of pickle relish. It landed sort of between my toe that “went to market” and the toe that “stayed home.”

What to do? It’s not like it was an olive I could discretely push under the buffet table with my foot. I didn’t want to embarrass myself by bending down and wiping my foot with a napkin, nor did I want to lose my place in the food line by heading to the restroom. I decided to just enjoy the rest of the evening with the relish squishing between my toes. It was a long, long evening.

To my surprise, only one person complimented me on my “unusual nail polish.”

I’m thankful, Lord, I have shoes.

A Household Hint

Dishwasher suds

I have a household tip to share today. Do not substitute dry, powdery laundry detergent for dry, powdery dishwasher soap in an automatic dishwasher. I was lucky the day I tried it because the children were home. Of course, the kitchen floor was already sticky, what with my four kids spilling milk and dropping open peanut butter and jelly sandwiches face down on a regular basis. I’m sure I would have gotten around to mopping it eventually.

However, with a couple of inches of bubbles covering the floor, it was easy to put socks on the kids and let them skate back and forth through the bubbles as they raced between the refrigerator, range, and kitchen sink.

Yes, there are some things in life a person just learns the hard way, but my kitchen floor has never again sparkled as much as it did that day.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Please share these if you wish.