A Hamburger, Please


While it is true I spent a lot of time doing laundry, I still managed to find time to work in an office and to occasionally go out for lunch. One day I was especially hungry because I skipped breakfast. The digital minutes on my computer slowly counted down to noon as I typed still another boring contract. At last noon arrived, and my son and I met for lunch.

“I’ll have my usual, a hamburger with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and mayo,” I told the young girl who took my order. In my hungry state, I ate half my hamburger before I realized it tasted different. I thought perhaps the mayonnaise was different and pulled the bun apart.

However, the mayo was good, the tomatoes were firm, and the onion was sweet. But, where was the beef? (I knew how the lady in the old Wendy’s commercial felt.) My son was surprised I didn’t miss the meat until after I ate half the sandwich. Did I mention I was really hungry? My son also found my mealtime misadventure funnier than I did.

I pray those of us who have food will always share with those who are hungry.


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