With Lemon, Please

With Lemon

John and I recently traveled with another couple to a different area of the United States. We were enjoying a quiet dinner conversation in a very nice, fairly upscale restaurant when suddenly I heard loud slurps and gulps. I tried to ignore the noise at first, but the slurping and gulping became louder and louder. I looked around the room for the source of the rude sounds, and saw all eyes were staring at our table.

I realized John was the source of the noise. A glass of brown, fizzy liquid was erupting, much like a volcano, from John’s glass, and he was unsuccessfully attempting to stop the overflow with a straw. The sticky substance soon spilled off the table onto our laps.

John now knows if he is in an area of the country where a lemon slice is placed on the rim of a glass of cola, he needs to pay attention and remember he ordered a cola–not ice tea. Adding artificial sweetener to cola might be an excellent middle school science fair project for a grandchild, but it was not a good idea for Grandpa to do so in a public restaurant.


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