I’ll be Right There

Computer and Sandal“I like your Halloween costume,” my friend said, “but isn’t 9:30 A.M. on Thursday morning an odd time to go to a costume party?”

At first, I didn’t realize she was speaking to me, but a quick glance around revealed I was the only other customer in the small, family-owned computer store.

“I haven’t seen anyone dressed as miss-matched as you are for a long time,” my friend continued. “Today, most folks dress up as Spiderman or Wonder Woman. I really like the look of those black support hose with your sandals, though, and that looks like one of John’s old shirts. I remember because my husband had one like it back in the seventies. Your hair is different, too—kind of a bed head look, huh? Oh, yes, you’ve got a good, spooky look going for Halloween.”

My excuse? My computer was fixed, and I could get it! What were the chances I would see anyone I knew if I made a fast trip to the store? Turned out the chances were good for I met three other friends during my return trip to my car. At least I hope they are still my friends.


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