Brownies, Anyone?

BrowniesMy husband and I watch our weight. Mostly, we watch it increase. The past year, though, we dieted. We ate fewer cookies, less brownies, not so much cake, etc. It was a long, long year, and John and I were both really, really hungry for sweets. So when during the Christmas season I was asked to provide brownies for a party, I was excited. After all, there was a chance there might be one or two left for me to eat.

John volunteered to bake the brownies. (I suspected he wanted to sneak a bite of the batter.) He preheated the oven, coated the pan with butter, and emptied the brownie mix into the glass pan. My mouth watered as I watched him slide the pan into the oven. At that moment I saw the unbroken egg, the one-third cup vegetable oil, the one-fourth cup of water–still on the cabinet.

While the smell of chocolate brownies baking filled every nook and cranny of the kitchen, John and I reflected on the reason for his forgetfulness to add the ingredients to the mix. He suspected a “sugar imbalance.” I agreed. Not wanting further problems, we ate all the warm brownies. They tasted great!

So…don’t hesitate to call us if you need brownies for an event….


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