Happy New Year!!

happy-new-yearChristmas is over, and a new year will soon begin. I will also soon take down the Christmas tree and store the decorations away. Yes, it is time to determine where to put all that “stuff.” Finding a place to put the gifts of caramel corn, fudge, pumpkin bread, fruitcakes, and other sweets is no problem. I will simply eat them, and eventually they will settle somewhere on my body, probably my hips, upper arms, or waistline.

The biggest issue I have with the after-Christmas-get-the-house-back-to-normal job is where to put the Christmas decorations. For some unknown reason, they multiplied during the season. All right, I bought one or two additional decorations. And, well, after only a couple of Christmas gatherings with a $10 gift exchange, it seems it’s off to the store  I go for yet another red storage tub.

Maybe this is the year I actually will start downsizing. What’s that, you say? All Christmas decorations are half price at the store! Gosh, I could use a break from taking ornaments off the tree.  I’ll just look, I won’t buy a thing, I promise….

I hope you have adequate storage space and a happy New Year!


Christmas Memories


My favorite Christmas memories include finding a small, two-inch tall, panda bear (I named him Sparky) nestled in the branches of my family’s Christmas tree. The cedar tree, cut from the pasture the Sunday afternoon before Christmas, was beautiful. Decorated with a single string of eight red, blue, and green lights; six colorful, breakable ornaments; shimmering icicles; and a cardboard star covered with aluminum foil, I thought it beautiful.

Not so beautiful was the ugly, beige sweater I received one year. I never wore it, but did wear the pretty pink one I also received. Santa had found a great two-for-the-price of one sale, no doubt.

One year I wanted to sew a red velvet Christmas dress for my four-month-old daughter. Pictures from that year clearly show I did not finish the project. However, her cute, orange sleeper contrasted nicely with the red and green tree skirt.

Another favorite memory is the night I watched my son and his family enter the airport after a long overseas flight. The next day I enjoyed the chaos of Christmas with all my children and their families.

I hope your Christmas memories–both old and new–are happy. Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas Procrastination

christmas-cardsToday I will stop this Christmas procrastination. I will finish the Christmas letter I started November 30. I will update the address list. Yes, I will mail the Christmas cards! And, I will organize the presents purchased throughout the year and complete my shopping. It might be a good day to plan and make a detailed grocery list for the Christmas meals, too.

While I’m in the mood to get things done, I’ll change the sheets and do laundry. Want to be ready for the Christmas guests. Seems to me like I am short a few decorations–there must be another tub somewhere. I’ll hunt that up today. Oh yes, there is much work to be done.

Gosh, there is so much to be done. I better make a detailed list before I get started. Yes, I’ll do that, just as soon as I finish watching this Hallmark Christmas movie. The characters are familiar, but I don’t remember for sure if they save the Christmas lighting ceremony or not. I probably slept through the ending last time I watched it.

Say…fudge sounds good, doesn’t it? Maybe I will make some before I begin my projects. Then…I’ll finish the Christmas letter.

I’m Tired

red-robeI dashed back into the house for my coat. It would be cold when I returned home at night.

First I went to the gym, then changed into “office” clothes and hurried to my part-time job. At 1:00 I picked up John at the mechanic’s, dropped him at his office, and rushed to my hair appointment.

Next, I drove to my friend’s house to work on a project, but was careful to leave in time to get my grandchildren after school. I made an unscheduled stop for a forgotten basketball shirt and the forgotten piano music before going to the gym and piano teacher’s house.

The car ready, I drove back to John’s office and took him to the mechanics before I headed to my Bible study class. Finally, after Wednesday night church services, I started home.

Chilly, I reached for my red coat tossed in the car’s backseat that morning. It was now buried under multiple bags, books, clothing, and electronics. It wasn’t my red coat, though. It was my soft, warm, twenty-year-old red robe–the one with cute, dancing polar bears.

I was “toasty warm” on the way home. Fortunately, I was too tired to speed. I’m not sure the officer would have believed my day or appreciated my attire.



I enjoy listening to National Public Radio, watching news shows on television, and reading. All provide me information.

For instance, I learned the number of Q-tips manufactured each year and their many, many different uses—although I have forgotten most of them. I do remember cleaning ears was not recommended.

I now know there is a group of folks who meet yearly to talk about their collections of washing machines and dryers. Some are rarer than others, and, of course, washers and dryers come in many different colors. What with the front loaders, the basic top loaders, the ones that stack, etc., there is certainly enough variety to attract collectors. (A conservative estimate of the number of laundry loads I have done over the last 46 years is 2,400. I have no idea how many washers and dryers I have owned.)

Scientists have determined rats are ticklish on their backs and tummies. This report was a news item only, and unlike many newscasters, this one did not offer his opinion as to why rats are ticklish, how scientists discovered that fact, or why anyone would ever need or want to know rats are ticklish.

It’s good to be “in the know.”