To Buy or not to Buy


Cameos of Courage, a children’s historical fiction book I co-authored with my friend Collette Reichenberger, is now published and available on Amazon and in some stores. It is the first book in our Cottonwood series. (We hope our second one is out in November.) Cameos of Courage tells four separate stories of four ten-year-old girls as they traveled and made their homes on the prairies of Kansas.  The stories feature an abolitionist, a Native American, an Exoduster, and a homesteader. Our intent was to make learning Kansas history fun.

Decisions, decisions, decisions, I didn’t realize there would be so many to make while writing a book. How shall one of the girls cross the river? How shall another girl travel from Mississippi to Kansas? How many words should the book contain? What color for the cover? One of the best decisions Collette and I made, though, was to use Becky Foster as an illustrator. I think you will enjoy her pictures.

I hope you will enjoy the book, too. My usual blog will return next week. Today, though, I have yet another decision to make.  “Shall I fix chicken or roast beef for dinner?”


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