Super Bowl Food–I mean Party

appetzersThis year John and I attended a Super Bowl party at the home of friends. Our hosts’ home was large, and there were at least three rooms with television sets tuned to the game. I’m not sure of the actual number because, well, I never actually left the dining room and kitchen area. Fortunately, chairs at one end of the dining room provided seating for those of us self-appointed to guard the food from any one tempted to eat more than their fair share.

In addition to the table, the dining room had three buffet surfaces. Each area was large enough to hold sausage balls, cheese dip, chips, a plate or two of cookies, and several crock pots filled with homemade chicken and noodle soup, chili, or vegetable stew. Sunday evening was the perfect time to host a “covered dish” type of party as most folks spent the afternoon preparing the “dish.” Some of the ladies made a real effort and prepared deviled eggs. One or two ladies even peeled carrots and cut up celery.


Well, I took a box of crackers. No, I didn’t see the game. Yes, I did hear it was the best Super Bowl game ever….



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