What to Do?

Recently, while sorting piles of papers in an effort to reduce their numbers, I found several uncompleted “to do” lists. Not all items were crossed off the list, but I suspect I did get the menu planned, the groceries purchased, and the bathrooms cleaned.

I have no memory of making to do lists as a young child. At some point in time, though, life got so busy, or my memory got so bad, I acquired the habit. I liked the feeling of accomplishment a completed list gave me. Oh sure, when my children were younger, I didn’t always have time to write a “to do” list. However, it didn’t matter because if I had a spare moment or two, I just did laundry. The baskets of clean, unfolded laundry proved I had a productive day.

I still make “to do” lists, but now they are more detailed. Some days I even write do laundry on the list–I’m sure it is an age thing.


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