Grandparents vs. Soccer

I did not participate in organized sports in high school nor did I pay enough attention during boys’ games to learn the rules. As a parent, though, I have watched many hours of football, basketball, and baseball games. I have an idea of their rules. While I have watched my grandchildren play soccer, I have only a vague idea of its rules.

Recently, John and I watched a young grandchild’s soccer game. Her parents had quickly, I mean reluctantly, consented to us taking our young granddaughter to her game. With three children playing on three different teams, their soccer season had been long with numerous practices and games.

“Where is she?” I asked John.

“I don’t think she’s on the field,” he answered.

“Well, she’s not on the bench,” I said.

Alarmed we searched the other fields. There were no fewer than 1,000 young children on the five soccer fields, and each child wore either a red shirt or a blue shirt. Where was she? How could her parents have trusted us? We panicked and struggled to keep up with the coach as we ran down the field alongside him.

“WHERE’S KATHERINE?” John yelled.

“SHE’S THE GOALIE,” the coach growled with a frown.

Well, yes, we were embarrassed…but relieved.


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