Beautiful Freedom

Americans will celebrate their freedom on the Fourth of July.

I recently returned from a road trip to the mountains, which included a morning drive up Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. I felt the same wonderment I did when I first saw those majestic mountains.

Fifty years ago, I traveled by Greyhound bus across Kansas. This trip, John and I drove a van with one of our daughters and three of our grandchildren. I’m happy to report we were in the van nine hours before the words “get your arm out of my space” were spoken. I’m sorry to report the question “are we there yet?” was first asked only two hours into the trip.

I spent a summer during college working in the Rockies and after work, enjoyed hiking, horseback riding, and making memories with friends. I spent my recent time in Colorado making memories with fifteen of my immediate family members.

America is beautiful, and its people are free. I pray it remains so, and I pray my grandchildren’s grandchildren will have opportunities to make memories in the Rockies.

Thank you to those who have fought and died for our freedom.


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