Break a leg!

“Nana, you will come, won’t you?”

“Oh yes, I wouldn’t miss it. You know I enjoy the theatre,” I answered.

I enjoy the theatre, and some years ago on a visit to New York attended several Broadway shows. My small community is only a couple hours away from cities that host touring Broadway shows.  Yet, my best theatre experiences have happened during my years as Nana.

A few memorable performances that come quickly to mind are those in which my grandchildren excelled as the following: a mermaid, a raccoon, a cart-wheeling orphan, a “lead” zebra, a blade of grass, a Munchkin, an Oompa Loompa, a piece of pizza, a leaf, a flower, a chorus member, a pirate, a leopard, a shepherd, a lamb, the Virgin Mary, and Joseph.

Now, I’m not one to brag, but I myself am a veteran of the theatre having appeared as a “town person” in community theatre productions. My first role, however, remains my favorite, and indeed, was my best performance. I was in the second- grade at a one-room school and performed the classic role of “rock” to rave reviews.

It was the best-ever performance…my grandma said so.


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