Summer Vacation!

Reservations were made two years ago; work vacations scheduled; and kids’ summer activities’ coaches informed. It was vacation time!

All sixteen family members arrived safely to the five-bedroom, two-bath, rustic cabin in the mountains. I had pictured the cabin with a horseshoe over the doorway, knotty pine walls, wooden floors with an oval braided rug, and possibly a deer-antler lamp. The reservations clerk, however, meant “rustic” as in portions of the log cabin were probably constructed before 1907. The chinking between the logs appeared original, and I placed the carpeting from sometime in the 1970s. Still, what a great way to enjoy the mountains!

But, after I read the warning not to leave the cabin or go to sleep without locking the ground floor windows and doors for fear of bears, I panicked. The rustic windows did not lock.

“Don’t worry,” a family member (not from bear country) said. “The front-desk girl told me they haven’t had any problems with bears yet this year–just don’t leave food out.”  His words were not reassuring.

Happily, there were no bears–and judging by the pile of shoes always by the door, we were especially careful of the floors of our rustic cabin.


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