The Winner!

“Who do you think the starting pitcher will be?”

“I hope someone makes a home run.”

“Are our seats in the shaded area of the stadium?”

“I hope there’s a foul ball. I’ve got my glove.”

“Did you see the end of last night’s game?”

“I just wish they wouldn’t wait until the last inning to pull the game out.”

“Did you see the slide at home?”

“What were they thinking? Putting in that relief pitcher….”

Yes, there was a lot of anticipation and speculation by my family members during our three-hour car trip to the ball park. I, too, was excited and anxious.

“Should I have a New York style or Chicago style hot dog?”

“Or, maybe I should just have a plain hot dog without any relish, ketchup, or mustard.”

“Should I pick relish, ketchup, or mustard, to win their race?”

“Just how hot will it be?”

“I hope no one spills beer on me.”

“I wonder who the other team is….”

Oh yes, nothing like a family trip to the ball park.



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