I vaguely remember eating at an IHOP in 1965 and again sometime in the mid-eighties. It was certainly so long ago, I couldn’t say for sure if I did or did not. Yet, I know I ate strawberry pancakes somewhere as a college student and later as a young mother.

Often over the years, I have had fond thoughts of those strawberry pancakes. In fact, several years ago I added eating at IHOP to my bucket list. (Unfortunately, my town does not have an IHOP and while my family often travels to larger cities, others in my family do not share my appreciation of pancakes.)

Recently, a group of us were on an out-of-town trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Even though it wasn’t my birthday, I somehow got to pick where to have lunch. With glee I chose IHOP! I  It was great. I had not only strawberries, but blueberries, and bananas on my pancakes!

Somethings on the bucket list are worth repeating and the very next day I was again out of town. “Oh yes, I’ll have a short stack please–with strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.”


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